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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing schedule k-1 instructions

Instructions and Help about schedule k-1 instructions

Hello my name is Doug with into its Lacerte tax the following video explains how to enter data from a k1 form from a pass-through entity such as a 1120s corporation a 1065 partnership or 1041 fiduciary please be aware that if you prepare the tax return for any of these three types of pass-through entities and also prepared the individuals 1040 return for the members you can use the k1 transfer feature in the lesser tax program which is covered in a separate video training course to pryou as much help as we can to correctly report to kwin information we have made data entry as straightforward and simple as possible plus we have content related help right on the input screen to give you the information you need when you need it first I want to show you a useful bit of information you can pull right from the IRS website if it was not provided by the k1 preparer many times only the front page of the k1 form is provided by the k1 preparer however on the back of the k1 is a code guide that explains most of the k1 boxes and where to put them on the 1040 return as you can see the page to code guide tells you what the entry is in each entry box and it will give you guidance where to enter that entry in the 1040 return in those instances where the entry requires additional guidance from the k1 prepare the code guide will direct you to the preparers instructions on the Supplemental pages of the k1 form know this little tip let's look at the k1 input screens we will open a client file with k1 pass-through data to be entered from the content screen I'll open screen 20 pass through K ones first let's go over the layout of the input screen on the left hand side of the screen we have the navigation pane split into three boxes the top box allows us to view all of the K ones lumped together without regard to the type of entity it came from this is acceptable if we have only a few K ones to deal with however if you have a client that has interests in many pass-through activities we pryou the ability to filter through them by type of activity Partnership S Corp fiduciary or real estate mortgage investment conduits this is especially useful with large numbers of pass-through activities the next box down in the navigation pane is the listing of k1 activities for the type of filter applied in the upper box moving down the navigation pane we come to the section jump to box this tool is especially useful on the k1 input screen because it will quickly take you to the correct input section in the right-hand interactive window eliminating the need to scroll and look for a specific input section in the interactive window on the.